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Catapult CX Analytics (集成的CX报告、分析和见解)



Optimized to work across all devices, our CX performance and analytics portal delivers role-specific reporting that can be customized for ultimate efficiency from the moment of log-in. Our robust analytics and reporting services deliver clear, fact-based insights that can help you do better at every level of your organization.

Catapult CX Analytics tools

Real-Time Insights
We’ve created an industry-leading dashboard to keep your team on the pulse of customer feedback to inspire improvement at every level.
Push-Button Analytics
Our dashboard modules deliver visually meaningful, actionable information with efficiency. All users can customize and adjust reporting according to their specific needs and priorities.
Anywhere Access
Catapult is designed to be accessed from any device, including mobile, for ultimate convenience. It’s truly game-changing information at your fingertips.
Catapult allows your stakeholders to spend more time taking action.
Create Customer Experience Joy