Mystery Shoppers – U.S. and Canada (Independent Contractor)

Join the Second To None Mystery Shopping Team!

Second To None works with leading brands across the U.S. and Canada. Our 30 years of experience and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau makes us one of the leading customer experience firms in North America.

How being a Mystery Shopper works:

Second To None mystery shoppers/secret shoppers work as Independent Contractors. Work is made available on an assignment-by-assignment basis. As an Independent Contractor, you have full choice in deciding to accept or decline assignments as they become available. Second To None offers shopping assignments across North America and we welcome you to join our national independent contractor network. Your first step to becoming a mystery shopper is to create a free shopper profile account.



  • 享受与人的互动。
  • 具有出色的观察能力。
  • 能够记住小细节。
  • 具有良好的时间管理技能。
  • 具有良好的书面和口头沟通能力。
  • 拥有电脑、平板电脑或智能手机。
  • 有可靠的互联网接入和交通。


  • 秘密购物可以让你赚取额外收入。
  • 餐厅任务包括餐费、税款和小费报销。
  • 访问美国和加拿大各地的各种秘密购物任务。
  • 购物任务灵活地适应您的日程安排。
  • 您的反馈改善了许多行业的客户服务。